They started in 1986.... in Mexico.. And died in Århus 2006.. They were a 110% live band. They played 150 gigs in Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium, Czech Republic and the Nederlands. They have played with bands as Zeke, Rubber City Rebels, Poison Idea, Clorox Girls, No hope for the Kids, War of Destruction, Columbian Neckties, Dream Police, President Fetch, Gorilla Angreb, To What Ends, the Observers, Direct Control, Smack down and many more. TÆVE consistsed 5 brats from Jutland (DK) who all lives in Aarhus. Their goal was to grant the world a great music experience through humor and positiv agression, and as they say them selves; "We're what the guys dream of being, and what the girls dream of being with... Thats it!" Earlier they prooved themselves capable of delivering a great and unique stageshow, and get the crowd worked up!

TÆVE commits to the good old HxCx spirit in the likes of Poison Idea, Black Flag, Angry Samoans, The Dwarves, Skurk and the motto "Punk as fuck or fucked up punks" is quite striking in this matter.

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The members of TÆVE is now playing in,,, and some other shitty bands..