The Real MoneyMakers is....... Crazy potsmokin` circus rock`n`roll, with an organ, from Djursland. They started playing in 1966 in small strip joints and whorehouses around Djursland. In 1967 and 1968 they won the Djursland National Beat Competition. After that they made a super contract with the well known Circus Red Halufox. They toured around the world, as a circus band, until the mid 80s, but where fired in 1986 in Mexico. Because of to much cactus juice and some sweet mushrooms. They still claim there innocense. Ever since they have tried to reach back to Djursland, but right now are they stock in Denmark not fare away from there home country. They are just playing to get home..

The Real MoneyMakers are. Ronny MoneyMaker: vox and guitar. Donny MoneyMaker: vox and organ. Bonny MoneyMaker: vox and Drums.

Sound like Sonics, Ventures, Standells, Klaus Wunderlich, Matadors, GG Allin, Gustav Winkler, Oblivians and early Dwarves.

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